kyodo office

kyodo office

bird and insect ltd.と共同主催するシェアオフィス。

所在地: 東京
共同主催者: bird and insect ltd.

施工: 井口博志(エスタビルド)

写真: shuntaro (bird and insect ltd.)

A shared office co-organized with bird and insect ltd.
It is consist of office, library, workroom, conference room,
and photo studio. As a place to create various works,
space like a blank sheet without a strong concept was created.
The architectural structure has several openings that look
continuous makes visitors feel more depth.

DATE: Sep. 2017
PLACE: Tokyo, Japan
CO-ORGANIZER: bird and insect ltd.

INTERIOR DESIGN: Seiji Oguri (id inc.)
CONSTRUCTION: Hiroshi Iguchi (Esta Build Co., Ltd.)

PHOTOGRAPHS: shuntaro (bird and insect ltd.)