bird and insect Exhibition -CONTENT TOKYO-

bird and insect Exhibition -CONTENT TOKYO-

写真・映像の制作を主体とするクリエイティブカンパニーbird and insectの展示ブースデザイン。
bird and insectの魅力は、専門性の高いメンバーによって生み出される高品質なアウトプットです。


2020年から出展を続けているCONTENT TOKYOでの展示は、フィードバックをいただくことで

2022年度 会期:2022年6月29日~7月1日
2021年度 会期:2021年4月14日~4月16日
2020年度 会期:2020年10月21日~10月23日
クライアント:bird and insect ltd.
グラフィックデザイン:Yuanyang -Molly- Liu (bird and insect ltd.) ・
写真(2022年度):KAN (bird and insect ltd.)
写真(2021年度、2020年度):shuntaro (bird and insect ltd.)

Exhibition booth design for bird and insect, a creative company that mainly produces
photographs and videos. The attraction of bird and insect is the high quality output
produced by highly specialized members. In order to convey this charm,
we have created a photography studio, which is a professional site, in the booth.

By effectively using black and trimming the booth from the surrounding space,
we have increased the attractiveness to the monitor. By eliminating unnecessary elements,
the beauty of the visual is enhanced. Inside the booth, we laid out the shooting equipment to
recreate the atmosphere of the studio. This makes it easier to change the layout and allows
exhibitors to change the space depending on the situation. It conveys information accurately
with a unique presentation that takes advantage of the characteristics of the equipment.
The original container box can be freely rearranged according to the shape and scale of the booth.
This is also useful when storing and loading and unloading equipment during the session.

The exhibition at CONTENT TOKYO, which has been exhibiting since 2020, continues to evolve
into a better space by receiving feedback. We support continuous exhibitions with non-disposable
fixtures such as photography equipment and container boxes.

DATE(2022):Jun.29- Jul.1, 2022
DATE(2021):Apr.14 - Apr.16, 2021
DATE (2020):Oct.21 - Oct.23, 2020
PLACE: Tokyo Big Sight
CLIENT: bird and insect ltd.
INTERIOR DESIGN:Seiji Oguri, Mei Shibuya, Shunya Iwase (id inc.)
GRAPHIC DESIGN:Yuanyang -Molly- Liu (bird and insect ltd.) ,
Mei Shibuya, Shunya Iwase (id inc.)
CONSTRUCTION:Takahiro Ichino (Re You Trade.Co.,Ltd.)
PHOTOGRAPHS(2022): KAN (bird and insect ltd.)
PHOTOGRAPHS(2021, 2020):shuntaro (bird and insect ltd.)